Teamwork 2.0 streamlines Microsoft’s collaborative strategy

What is it?

Teamwork 2.0 is an upgraded add-on for Valo Intranet, and is now available as a standalone product. You can add teamwork collaboration, governance, streamlined provisioning process, and a super-light IT touch when creating and managing Office 365 Groups / SharePoint sites.

Feature summary

Here’s a summary of features. Sign up for a demo to get a full overview of all functionality!

  • Create custom templates for provisioning Office 365 Groups match your business process
  • Allow users to order groups based on templates you’ve specified
  • Automatically set security
  • Allow group discovery
  • Centralize access to documents and discussions
  • Remove IT involvement in collecting requirements, provisioning, and securing Office 365 groups

Here’s an example of how a user can order a new project group:

Read the team’s announcement of this fantastic add-on to your Office 365 environment.