Why Intranet Valet?

An Intranet Valet manages your Intranet content to keep it fresh.

We’ll assign you an Intranet Valet who will get to know your company and your Intranet. They will work with the business owners and stakeholders to collect information and publish it on the Intranet. They’ll help with training and keep an eye on changes that would make your Intranet more valuable.

Your Intranet Valet will keep an eye on usage and statistics, and help your Intranet grow.

Intranet Valet services include:

  • Initial content population to help move up the Go-Live date
  • Ongoing Intranet content management
  • Advanced usage analysis and statistics with PowerBI
  • Intranet platform growth
  • End-user training

Need help keeping your Intranet content updated? Let us show you the the Intranet you could have and talk about your Intranet initiative.

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