Intranet Valet is a service brought to you by inWorks LLC. Once we started working with Valo Intranet and tackling common challenges that companies experience when deploying Intranets, we quickly saw that that few organizations have staff with “keep the intranet up-to-date” in their job description.

We also noticed that technical deployment of an Intranet is usually NOT the long pole in the tent, and so, the Intranet Valet – an outsourced, managed Intranet Content Service – was born.

Whether to help populate a new Intranet, work with internal marketing / communications folks during a period of transition, or provide content services and support over the life of the Intranet, your Intranet Valet is your dedicated resource for all things Intranet.

We’re also working on an advanced Intranet usage analysis product to make your Intranet stay relevant and useful throughout its lifetime, and while we’re in the development phase, we’re just including it in all Intranet Valet engagement!

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